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Conscious Breathwork Workshop

October 17, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Breathwork is based upon insights from modern consciousness research, transpersonal psychology, anthropology, Eastern spiritual practices, Shamanism and the world’s mystical traditions. Using the breath as a tool for transformation has proven to bring about shifts in one’s consciousness, health and connection to Self and others.

Conscious Breathwork, also known as Conscious Connected Breathing, is a method of breath control that gives rise to expanded states of consciousness and has an effect on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as we activate the body’s inner healing intelligence.

As an introspective journey guided by curated music, we learn to remove the pause between our breaths and enter a transpersonal state through the power of connected, circular breathing. The process invokes a profound journey into whatever state of consciousness is relevant for the breather at the time.

Conscious Breathwork brings more energy and awareness into the body. The breather experiences a vibrational shift which supports the release of stored stress, suppressed energy, emotions and trauma. It activates both unconscious discomfort and ecstatic bliss as the intelligence of Life Force energy (Prana/Qi) leads us to exactly where we need to awaken and release.

It allows one to examine limiting beliefs and emotional addictions, bring to awareness self-limiting habits, resolve and bring awareness to unhealthy patterns and conditioning, relieve the fear of death and illness, open to the capacity for self-healing, and experience states of pure unconditional love, clarity, acceptance and bliss.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to access your own internal healing energy and greater knowing in a safe and held space, allowing for a powerful shift in yourself and your life. Bodhi Breathwork & Yoga provides follow up support and integration when needed.

Further info and background on Conscious Breathwork (Recommended if this is your first time):

Other benefits:
Expand awareness of self
Cleanse and rejuvenate your body
Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
Heal suppressed emotions and trauma
Greater connection to self and others
Increase clarity, joy and creativity
Experience deep relaxation

Limited Spaces, To book, email Jean at: info@bodhibreathwork.com

or make EFT payment and send POP:

Bank: FNB
Name: Bodhi Breathwork
Acc num: 62757042967
Branch: 250655
Please add name and workshop date as payment reference and send proof of payment to:

What to bring:

-Comfortable clothing
-A comfortable mat with some padding (Yoga mat works fine)
-Blanket and head pillow
-Eyeshade if you have (I will have some too)
-Water or tea flask
-Journal to write in afterwards (this is optional for integration)

How to prepare for this work.

* Hydrate 2 hours before, light meal at least an hour before the session. Preferably no alcohol at least a day before the session.

In some traditions it is said that the journey begins three days before we embark in a process, others say it is the moment we set the intention to attend. During this sacred time, our psyche and soul start preparing for it. Even in the midst of our busy lives, I suggest to begin by holding yourself with the intention in your heart that you are giving the workshop to yourself. Even a brief moment of connection every day goes a long way.

Some suggestions:
Mindfulness practices can support the preparation process, such as movement practices, yoga, dancing, a massage, grounding with nature, walks, meditation, mindful eating, quiet time, etc. Sometimes just being aware of what shows up in your life, insights, day dreams, night dreams, etc. It can be as small or large as life permits for each of you, I am aware that sometimes we can’t do much and just having the day of the workshop is a huge gift! ALL IS GOOD!

Conscious Breathwork Workshop


October 17, 2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Jean Rossouw


Three Little Birds Healing Centre
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