Advanced Mind Moves

Mind Moves can be seen as the reprogramming of brain paths through reflex assessment in order to identify shortcomings.  We apply Mind Moves by doing gross and fine motor skills to and with the body which gets done by the learner, their parent and/or guardian, or the instructor self. Successful Mind Moves happen when repetition takes place enough times for the brain to think and function in a new way so that facing life’s challenges become more easier.

Carmen Hawkesley is passionate about working with children. Her teaching background alerted her to the fact that many children are not “seen” and that the current education system does not support individual attention for these children. The result is that they fall behind and then find school and even life a lot more challenging.

“Mind moves has given me the opportunity to help children better equip themselves to cope with their academic, emotional and social development. “

Carmen works with children from age 3 to 18 years.
You can contact her on 0662667644 or email