Inside of us is a deep knowing of what is good or bad for our body: our world of technolgy, sitting too much, and the stress and pace of lifestyle causes us to become lost and unaware of our bodies needs. We feel an ache or pain, but because we are so out of touch with ourselves, we fail to be able to pinpoint the spot. SomaSensing is a wonderful and gentle solution on how to reconnect with your body through exploring subtle movement. The classes are structured in a way that any person can partake, no funny contortions or super flexability needed. Your classes helped us during a very stressful time to find balance, release stress and marvel in the joy of movement. We have re-connected with ourselves on various levels. I love that we do not need much extra gear, equipment or clothing. All that is needed is the commitment to show up.

– Hengelene

I started practising yoga at the age of 62, which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Due to relocation I had to find a new yoga studio in Durbanville. The Universe led me to Teresa’s Three Little Birds Healing Centre, where I started her Hatha Yoga classes and was introduced to SomaSensing Yoga. Although the two practises are related, my mind, body and soul experience them differently. I find both highly beneficial and time and again I walk away feeling fulfilled, invigorated and totally at peace. Teresa’s competent, calm and sensitive approach creates the ideal atmosphere. This combined with the serene venue makes Three Little Birds Healing Centre exceptional.

– Annette (75 years) Durbanville

“One Wednesday morning three months ago, I walked into Three Little Birds Healing Centre to begin my first ever yoga class. I was a total beginner and felt a tad apprehensive. I am asthmatic and I felt excited about the breathing aspects of yoga but I knew that there would be new words to learn and interesting poses to try and I felt afraid that perhaps my 40 something brain and body would disappoint me in a humiliating manner….

What a joy it was for me to discover that Teresa’s yoga classes are gentle, non-judgemental and nurturing. I am encouraged to proceed at my own pace and Teresa has taught me to listen to my own body and to work with the body that I have on any given day – this is a different body each week! The latter has taught me to be kind, compassionate and respectful of my own body and my own soul. (Kindness to others is so easy in comparison).

The breathing techniques that Teresa is teaching me are helping my asthma enormously too.

Yoga classes have made such a positive impact on my life.”

– Karen Watermeyer

“Teresa is an awesome yoga teacher! After one session, I was hooked.

She makes yoga fun and you can’t wait till the next session. I appreciate her patience, enthusiasm and very special approach as a teacher.

Thank you Teresa, for teaching us the benefits of yoga and, most importantly, for teaching us to make time for ourselves.”

-Eunice Scott

“Three Little Birds Healing Centre is a place of peace and tranquility. It is a beautiful space surrounded by all nature has to offer , truly an oasis in the middle of Durbanville.

My experience of running an event here has been filled with warmth and comfort. Teresa has an amazing way of being that enables all our interaction to be clear, kind and efficient. We at MBSR-north feel privileged to use the center as our base.”

-Lila Ukabhai

“The yoga classes take place in a beautiful and peaceful environment. This is my go-to place to unwind and recharge. You are not only doing yoga postures but also guided on how to be mindful throughout the practice.”

-Liz Coetzee

“I was very happy when Teresa let me know that she was opening up her own yoga centre, and have really enjoyed the classes. Three Little Birds is such a great space – a little sanctuary, with a wonderful instructor who always puts you completely at ease. No judgement, just ease and new learning every time.”

– Sam Sampson 

“With no previous yoga experience, I entered Three Little Birds Healing Centre with a bit of trepidation. How wrong I was, Teresa has the ability to make you feel totally at ease, with her quiet way and amazing technique in teaching yoga. You leave the centre ready to face the world until the next class. I absolutely love my yoga classes and thoroughly recommend Teresa to anyone who wants to try yoga- you will not be sorry.”

-Debbie Harrison

“Teresa gets your body moving in ways that one normally forgets about, movements we should do, and are so beneficial to our bodies every day functioning. You can definitely feel the benefits after a session. Teresa manages to calm and relax you. I always sleep well after an evening yoga session. I highly recommend the evening classes”.

-Andrea Stevens