Remembering your Essence – An Enneagram Workshop

Using The Enneagram Personality System and mindful movement to help create a thriving life — Learn about the powerful ENNEAGRAM PERSONALITY SYSTEM and its nine core types — Learn why you might be stuck in repetitive negative cycles and how

Restoring to calm – a SomaSensing introductory course

Would you like to learn a mindful movement practice that promotes suppleness and restores you to calm? Join me for a four-week SomaSensing™ course, the practice of healing yourself through your felt sense. Explore gentle natural movement, breath awareness and

Introduction to Mindfulness

Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or running on empty? You may be struggling with toxic stress. This happens when life’s demands seem to consistently outpace your ability to cope. Mindfulness can help you.  Mindfulness is practised by millions of

Start of BodySensing Yoga Four-Week Program — August

Rediscover the joy of movement BodySensing is an embodied movement practice — intuitive fascial unwinding which allows you to tap into your own inner healing. Somatic practices have been shown to re-pattern the brain. You are born with a self-regulating

Meditation hour – withdrawing the senses

Join us for an hour of meditative practice. There will be some talking, some movement, and some quiet. Beginners welcome – you will be guided Dress warmly and bring your blankets and pillows. Investment = R100 Please book your place

Meditation hour – finding the quiet within

We are reintroducing our meditation hour.  The sessions will not always be the same. So bring an open mind and leave with an open heart. Dress comfortably and bring blankets, pillows and mats (if you have). BOOKING ESSENTIAL: