Fatima Dadoo ~ Healing Thru Touch

Fatima is offering the following therapies from our premises:

  • Craniosacral Therapy: Stems from osteopathy and is a hands-on modality by gently placing the hands on the body and to feel the rhythm of the body created by CSF. This rhythm indicates if there is a restriction and if energy is being compromised. The body self regulates to heal and releases underlying trauma, ultimately bringing the body back to function optimally.
  • Facial cupping and gua sha facial massages: Increases blood circulation, brightens and tones the skin, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decreases puffiness, increases oxygen flow and relaxes muscles of the face, leaving the skin looking radiant and beautiful.
  • Therapeutic massage, which speaks for itself.

Book a session: 082 546 8963 or ifdadoo@gmail.com

Sherilyn Curran ~ House of Healing

Sherilyn is offering Reiki healing and Hypnosis sessions. Although very effective on their own, both modalities are great alongside other medical treatments.

  • Hypnosis sessions: Proven successful in treating over 100 different ailments, some of which include stress, anxiety, quitting bad habits, weight loss, lack of self-confidence, feeling demotivated, and many more. During a session, you will discover your own inner resourcefulness, as well as realise what may have been preventing you on a subconscious level from getting the results you want.
  • Reiki: A beautiful and gentle way to calm and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself by dissolving energy blockages and promoting balance between body, mind and spirit.

Book a session: 083 482 5635 or info@houseofhealing.co.za