Helen Hansen ~ Wellness Practitioner

Helen is a kinesiologist facilitating development and expansion of the mind-body connection in individuals of all ages. With over 20 years’ experience in mind-body programs, her modalities include Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedies, Holistic Psychology, and Rife Treatment.

Mind-body connection benefits:

  1. The physical body’s ability to self-heal
  2. Emotional and mental faculties to experience a paradigm shift in perspective
  3. Clarity of self and life purpose

See more on her website: www.helenhansen.co.za

Book a session: 0724097664 or helen@helenhansen.co.za

Anine Theron ~ Interconnections Therapy

Anine is a De-stress Practitioner and offers the following modalities:

  • Therapeutic Reflexology: A non-invasive, hands-on therapy to balance the nine body systems. It complements conventional medical care and alternative health care; bringing deep relaxation, overall well-being and homeostasis.
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD): Gentle rhythmical movements of the skin that stimulate the contractions of the lymphatic vessels, resulting in removal of metabolic waste and excess fluids to aid faster recovery. Ideal for congestion and chest-related issues, stress and anxiety.
  • Indigo Biofeedback (Scio system): Electro-magnetic biofeedback therapy for overall health and balancing of the body’s natural frequency patterns.
  • Stress Management / Heart Math
  • Brain and Motor Development

Book a session: 0727882669 or Practitioner257@gmail.com

See more information on her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anine-theron-28565984/

Kim Hewitt ~ success & colour 

Kim is a Transformation Life Coach & Intuitive Guide. She describes what she offers as follows:

“I help you to stand in your power and find what ignites you, focusing on your talents, dreams and life purpose. Together we unravel your true authentic self, which lies within. I offer practical ideas and solutions for everyday situations, assisting you in bringing about a more successful, purposeful & happy life.”

Kim’s modalities include:

  • Life & Transformation Coaching: Finding balance, an overall understanding, setting intentions and stepping into your power is essential on your journey. Discover more about who you truly are and what brings meaning to your life.
  • Psychic, Intuitive Guidance & Connection to Your Spirit Guides: Tarot, Oracle & Angel Card Readings are available for Love, Career, Life and General Understanding.
  • Mindfulness Practice & Meditation: Kim uses her Mindful Relaxation Technique incorporating meditation and intuitive guidance. This assists in clearing built up energy no longer required and offering new and refreshed energy into your space.
  • Colour Crystal Clearing & Heart Space Healing: Kim works closely with her Spirit Guides & Angels, helping you connect with your heart space and your youthful self. Colour crystal clearing is used in making space for the goodness on offer to enter.
  • Combination: Kim offers a combination of all the above modalities offering you more clarity and peace of mind.

Book a session: 083 469 9883 or kim@successandcolour.co.za

Theresa Millar ~ Be well

“I am here to remind you of who you really are”

Theresa Millar is a Psychic and Healer with over 20 years’ experience locally and abroad, her modalities include Reiki, Crystal healing, Body talk, Hands on Healing and Massage.

She offers traditional psychic readings where no cards or tools are used other than connection to Source and client. Her readings are accurate, honest and aimed at providing clients with information that empowers them to live better lives and make better choices.

Healing sessions are a combination of modalities learnt over the years.

Theresa works intuitively, each session is unique and guided by what the client needs to facilitate their own personal healing process within.

Book a session: 0722413100 or bewell@theresamillar.com