Hatha Yoga 

With Hatha Yoga, we go on a pathway of enquiry. I offer gentle somatic teaching that allows you to explore each asana (posture) with curiosity. We also explore various Pranayama (breathing techniques) and each class ends with Yoga Nidra (an easy and short meditation or guided visualization).

  • Sign up for a month of weekly classes, or drop by for a once-off class to try it out.
  • Remedial and private sessions available on request.
  • Corporate Yoga available on request.

Contact Teresa for more information.

SomaSensingTM — Fascial Tuning Therapy

SomaSensing is a mindful movement therapy that soothes the nervous system. Your nervous system lies at the heart of your physical and emotional well being. Experience gentle feel-good movement to shift emotion, release held trauma, ease pain and heal your whole body. Learn to tap into the wisdom of your body and find the quiet within.

Read more about SomaSensinghere: www.somasensing.org

Teresa is a SomaSensingSomatic Therapist offering private and group SomaSensing sessions.  She also offers SomaSensing workshops and courses.  

Contact Teresa for more information.

Spiritual guidance and counselling

Babetza Lennox is a full time psychic medium and healer. She has built a solid reputation with her clients by providing quality and spot-on information.

Please have a look at her website for more information and contact her directly to book one of her services:

  • Full or general psychic reading
  • Energy blocks
  • Cord cutting
  • Transformational therapy
  • Crystal/energy healing
  • Energetic space cleaning
  • Removing of energetic blocks
  • Personalised elixirs


While BodyTalk does not diagnose however, clinical experience has shown that once the overall internal systems are

balanced through BodyTalk, clients have exhibited significant improvement in the areas of depression, phobias, arthritis, chronic illness, insomnia, pain, infections, stress, digestive disorders, sports performance, allergies, learning disorders, and addictions.

BodyTalk can also address relationship dynamics.  Whether there is tension within the entire family, between select family members, tension and discord in romantic relationships or even dynamics in the workplace or within a professional sports team, BodyTalk creates harmony and reduces tensions without uncomfortable talk therapy.

To book a session, contact Enid on 078 100 4414 or enid@dnaexpress.co.za


Biodanza is a dance modality that means “movement of life”. It is an expression of self with no choreography and little structure. As a regular practise, it strengthens your identity through reconnecting with your genetic potential and releasing stress. Backed by scientific research, Biodanza was founded in the 1970s and is currently practised worldwide.

Join our experienced facilitator, Zephne van der Merwe, for weekly or drop-in Biodanza sessions in our studio. The offering is an Integrative Biodanza inspired session — with the focus always on accessing the joy, peace and ease of living. 

To book, contact Zephne directly WA : 0824418862 or zephnebd@gmail.com


Reiki is a technique used to facilitate the rebalance of energy in your body – on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Reiki originates in Japan and literally means universal life force energy. This energy flows in all living beings and is also called Qi, Prana, Chi or simply universal energy. With this technique, the Reiki practitioner lightly places their hands on the body or just off the body and facilitates the delivery of universal energy, improving the flow and balancing of your energy to support healing. Reiki has been used successfully in the East for many years and is slowly being accepted in the West for its healing benefits and to compliment western medicine.

The health benefits of Reiki:

  • Stimulates the body’s immune system
  • Promotes natural self-healing
  • Relieves pain and tension
  • Supports the well-being of people receiving medical treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation
  • Fosters tissue and bone healing after injury/surgery

Teresa and Emma Rubé are both attuned Usui Reiki practitioners and offer this gentle and subtle technique to those open to try it. For an appointment, contact:

Use our space

Besides our regular classes and therapies, the following spaces are available for short and long-term rental to like-minded individuals and groups. Contact Teresa for more information.

The Studio
Our tranquil studio is large and spacious, with plenty of natural light from large windows and stacking doors that open onto the garden. It is ideal to host talks, workshops and day retreats. Rental of the studio includes the usage of our beautiful walking labyrinth.

Note: The studio is a shoe-free zone.

The Amethyst Room
This room is fully furnished with a massage table and comfortable seating for four people. It is ideal for therapists who are practicing part time.