Hatha Yoga

With Hatha Yoga, we go on a pathway of enquiry. I offer gentle somatic teaching that allows you to explore each asana (posture) with curiosity. We also explore various Pranayama (breathing techniques) and each class ends with Yoga Nidra (an easy and short meditation or guided visualization).

  • Sign up for a month of weekly classes, or drop by for a once-off class to try it out.
  • Remedial and private sessions available on request.
  • Corporate Yoga available on request.

Contact Teresa for more information.



SomaSensingTM is a mindful movement therapy that soothes the nervous system. Your nervous system lies at the heart of your physical and emotional well being. Experience gentle feel-good movement to shift emotion, release held trauma, ease pain and heal your whole body. Learn to tap into the wisdom of your body and find the quiet within.

Read more about SomaSensingTM here: www.somasensing.org

Teresa is a SomaSensingTM Somatic Therapist offering private and semi-private SomaSensingTM sessions.  She also offers SomaSensingTM workshops, courses and SomaSensingTM Yoga classes. Also watch out for our forthcoming SomaSensingTM workshops this year.

“Gentle is the new strong” – Yasmin Lambat (creator of SomaSensingTM)

Contact Teresa for more information.



TRE is a series of exercises that help the body relieve itself from deep muscular tension, trauma and stress.

See our events page for regular group sessions.


Body Stress Release

“Body Stress Release is a safe, natural technique which is suitable for everyone, from infants to the elderly. It prompts the body to naturally heal itself by releasing accumulated body stress.” ~ Body Stress Release site

Rina Neumann, Body Stress Release practitioner,  joined us on a part time basis and hopefully full time next year when she moves back to Durbanville after 20 years. Rina is passionate about helping people and animals.

To book a Body Stress Release appointment with Rina, contact her on 082 337 4680 or email rinaneumann@yahoo.com



Use our space

Besides our regular classes and therapies, the following spaces are available for short and long-term rental to like-minded individuals and groups. Contact Teresa for more information.
The Studio
Our tranquil studio is large and spacious, with plenty of natural light from large windows and stacking doors that open onto the garden. It is ideal to host talks, workshops and day retreats. Rental of the studio includes the usage of our beautiful walking labyrinth. Note: The studio is a shoe-free zone.

Therapy Rooms
The Amethyst Room is furnished with a massage table and has seating enough for four people.
The Turquoise Room is furnished with an extendable table and 10 chairs. It is ideal as an off-site meeting room or for therapists offering  talk therapy.